The Passages Malibu Core Philosophy

Passages Malibu operates on compassionate principles that will allow you to detoxify while strengthening your character and building resolve. From drugs to alcohol, chemical dependency comes in many varieties and forms – and every year we help hundreds resolve theirs. Through our professional expertise, you’ll receive a customized treatment program that will help you overcome your addictions organically and bring together your mind, body and spirit.

Unlike 12-step programs – which force people to label themselves as an addict with a supposed “disease” – Passages Malibu takes a completely different approach. We believe the phrase “addict” reinforces negative concepts of powerlessness and shame, and only encourages problematic behaviors to continue. As such, we never engage in this kind of harmful stereotyping.

Instead, our holistic methods integrate Western and Eastern practices in ways that will address the root causes of your addiction. This way, not only will you learn how to stop using, but also what factors lead you to substance abuse in the first place. We know that feeling helpless about your addiction is a terrible and unnecessary feeling, which is why we want to do more than just get you sober – we want to provide you with both relief and a purpose.

Our specialists are ready to tell you more about how our philosophy can help you regain confidence and control over life. The only thing you need to do is make the initial call and get in contact with us. When you feel ready, our admissions team would like to hear your experiences and provide you with the help you deserve.

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The Four Causes of Addiction

Though the chemical dependency can vary, the underlying causes for addiction are always the same. If you find yourself abusing drugs or alcohol, at least one of these circumstances applies to your addiction:

Chemical Imbalance
Unresolved events from the past
Inability to cope with current conditions
Beliefs you hold which are not true
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