What is Luxury Alcohol Rehab?

Unlike regular detoxification programs, luxury alcohol rehab treats the entire individual, and not just their chemical dependency. This includes making a patient not only of the destructive consequences of their addiction, but also what initially caused the need or desire to abuse in the first place. In other words, luxury alcohol rehab gives you the skills you need to successfully cope with whatever is at the core of your addiction.

How Does Luxury Alcohol Rehab Work?

Whereas 12-step programs rely on group therapies, luxury alcohol rehab begins with a full assessment by a team of licensed and experienced professionals (ranging from holistic physicians to specialized counselors). Here’s what happens:

  1. Typically, a team of medical workers will detoxify you while waiting for bloodwork and other lab results to come back.
  2. When the test results come back the team works together to analyze the results, and a full holistic treatment plan is formulated.
  3. Psychologists, therapists, and other specialists combine Eastern and Western philosophies to rid you of addiction in an organic way.
  4. Follow-up treatment is administered after completion to ensure that you carry what you’ve learned into your new lifestyle routines.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab: The Main Differences

In general, here’s what is different about luxury alcohol rehab:

  • Private Counseling – There’s no embarrassing group meetings to be found here. Instead, you’ll receive an abundance on one-on-one time with a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you.
  • The Finest Amenities – Luxury alcohol rehab means you’ll enjoy a nicer detox unit, better facilities, and daily spa treatments. Regular alcohol rehab centers, on the other hand, are much more basic.
  • Better Diet – Recovering from an addiction to alcohol is much easier when given the proper diet. With luxury alcohol rehab, you’ll have professional chefs who can customize meals to fit your needs.
  • High-Quality Entertainment – You’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities – from boating and fishing, to yoga and gym sessions. Private trainers are typically offered as well.
  • Premiere Treatment – The holistic range of treatment options means that your spiritual, nutritional, and psychological components will all be fully addressed so that you can better understand yourself.

Passages Malibu – Luxury Alcohol Rehab

When it comes to resolving addictions without comprising comfort, Passages Malibu is the premiere drug rehab center for you. Our drug rehab facilities have everything you need to stay relaxed and fully recover. Call us now for help.

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