The Origins of Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu opened in 2001 to celebrate the successful rehabilitation of Pax Prentiss, who was completely dependent on drugs and alcohol for ten years before coming clean to his father, Chris. Through their journey together, the two became all too familiar with the suffering that drug and alcohol addiction brings with it, and that’s why they wanted to spare as many families as possible from the same kind of pain. As a result, Passages Malibu is the most luxurious drug and alcohol rehabilitation center to ever pass on the same types of holistic methods that helped save Pax’s life.

When Pax was using heroin, cocaine, and alcohol, he would do things that he and his father never dreamed possible. Chris had high hopes for his son, and he was absolutely dismayed to find Pax had lied, stolen, and even committed fraud to find money for more drugs. By the end of his addiction, Pax had no friends and had lost the trust of his family – but his father was still desperate to help.

Even though Chris was deeply hurt by his son’s wild behavior, he never gave up hope and kept pressing on with treatments. However, Alcohol Anonymous meetings, 12-step rehabilitation centers, home detoxification attempts and pretty much everything else was simply not working. Although Pax was trying his best to end his addiction, for some reason, relapses seemed inevitable.

After some deep thought, Chris and Pax finally realized that these treatments were not helping. In fact, these treatments were quick to force Pax to admit he was an “addict” and “powerless”, which only made him want to abuse drugs even more so as to escape the shameful emotions that such negative stereotypes would conjure. Chris knew that the only way to rid Pax of his addiction was to address the underlying causes behind them.

Unfortunately, no such program seemed to exist. After conducting their own research, and assuming a trial-and-error approach, Pax was finally able to understand what was driving him to use drugs and got to the root of his problems. Only then were the two able to reverse his numerous addictions and reinvigorate his body, mind and spirit.

Since the formation of Passages Malibu, the treatment that Chris and Pax developed has worked for thousands of others. No two addictions are alike, which is why the comprehensive, one-on-one holistic therapies you’ll receive at Passages Malibu are unlike anywhere else. With a leading team of holistic specialists – and an extravagant rehabilitation center filled with endless amenities – Chris and Pax are sure that you will receive the most advanced customizable holistic treatment program available to date.

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