Top-Tier Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Passages Malibu began in 2001 with one singular purpose – to design the most comprehensive and luxurious holistic rehabilitation treatment center that the world has ever seen. To do so, founders Chris and Pax Prentiss spared no expense in finding the very best medical professionals and counseling specialist to develop a treatment plan just for you.

Our unique approach emphasizes the importance of one-on-one therapy over group sessions. Instead of being crowded into a room and forced to share your story with countless others, trained professionals will speak with you privately – affording plenty of dignity and respect. From nurses and psychologists to physicians and spiritual counselors, a full team of knowledgeable experts will compassionately examine your chemical dependency and develop the safest and most effective holistic treatment plan for you.

Your phenomenal recovery will span across 10 acres of subtropical Malibu paradise, a safe haven consisting of no less than 5 beachfront estates overlooking the vast and beautiful Pacific, along with a wide variety of posh training and recreational facilities. This is the perfect environment to heal from an addiction, and to reflect upon the many permanent life lessons that you’ll take back with you and work into your daily routine.

At Passages Malibu, our experts know that chemical dependency is but a small part of the whole person that is you – and we know how to help. If you are ready to cut addiction out of your life for good, give our admissions specialists a call at any time, day or night.

Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab

Chris and Pax Prentiss, Our Founders

Passages Malibu began after Chris Prentiss bravely refused to give up on his son, Pax, and his multiple drug addictions. Though Pax had earnestly tried to stop abusing heroin, cocaine and alcohol, the “modern” treatments offered all proved ineffective. After years of fruitless endeavors with 12-step programs and emergency room visits, the two found relief for Pax only through holistic methods.

The end result of their endeavors is Passages Malibu, one of the most luxurious and effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers ever imagined. For 15 years, Passages Malibu has been setting a world-class example for the rest to follow, as evidenced by an accreditation from the prestigious Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations (only given to 6% of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the country). These methods worked for Pax, and they can rid you of your addictions, too.